The 25th Hotelex Shanghai 2016

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SHANGHAI -- HOTELEX & Expo FineFood Shanghai 2016 is one of the Asia's leading hospitality and catering trade shows with the largest scale, the strongest influence and the highest quality. The 25th edition will be held in the Shanghai New International Expo Center in Pudong (No. 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New District) from March 29, 2016 to April 1, 2016. The overall exhibition area covers more than 200,000 square meters.

Growth of Ice Cream and Bakery Industries in Asia

Last year, the ice cream market revenue in the Asia-Pacific Region was $12 billion, of which China contributed $4 billion. The Chinese bakery industry reached RMB130 billion in 2013 and some experts forecast that the bakery market will continue the positive momentum of sustainable growth over the next 30 years.

HOTELEX Competitions

HOTELEX Shanghai 2016 will host many contests from the 2016 Shanghai International Pizza Championship, the 4th China Gelato Championship to the 2016 "I'm the Chef" Shanghai Bakery Master Championship. These professional masters will show their taste bud-teasing and eye catching skillsThe contests are designed to engage in the industry and share food that is delicious, healthy and artistically creative and eco-friendly.Consumer demands are continually improving food quality, standards and .

2016 "I'm the Chef" Shanghai Bakery Championship

The "I'm the Chef" competition will be held for the third time. More domestic bakers are concerned with the contest. The 2016 "I'm the Chef" Shanghai Bakery Championship modeling event at its inception is coming soon. The new rounds will cover four categories including sugaring, chocolate, fondant cake and marzipan. These are in line with otherinternational competitions and require innovation at its best.

2016 Shanghai International Pizza Championship

Organized by Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo International Exhibition Co., Ltd, and co-organized by Shanghai Dr. Pizza Business Management Co., Ltd., the top domestic professional contest - Shanghai Pizza Championship - arises from an attempt to boost pizza's growth in China. Over 10,000 professional visitors from bakery shops, ice cream shops, Pizzerias and bread shops have attended the contest since it was first held in 2011. This accounts for over 12% of total visitors. Aiming at boosting pizza technology, leading business trends in pizza, communicating pizza culture and discovering excellent talent, the contest has provided a platform for China's professional pizza chefs to perform, compete and gather.

2016 China Gelato Championship

Greatly supported by MGI (Masters of Italian Gelato), 2016 China Gelato Championship is expected to kick off at the Ice Cream Pavilion, when Coffee, Tea and Ice Cream Magazine,Sweets Industry and other professional media will follow and cover the contest from multiple angles in a comprehensive way. On the occasion, numerous domestic top competitors will get together and embark to make their own contributions to the growth of handmade ice cream in China. As the contest gradually expands its scale, it has been promoted to Southwest China and South China. The final is held in Shanghai every March when all competitors contend for the "gold statuette" in China's handmade ice cream industry.

Industry Giants Gather at HOTELEX Shanghai 2016

The HOTELEX Bakery & Ice Cream sector always sticks to the principles of taste, health and interaction. By holding the China Gelato Championship, the Shanghai International Pizza Championship, the "I'm the Chef" Shanghai Bakery Championship and other professional contests, it will inspire the exhibitors, visitors and those involved in the industry.

The event will share delicious and healthy food full of artistic creations that are eco-friendly and trendy. As one of the most important part of HOTELEX & Expo FineFood, the Bakery $ Ice Cream sector will perfectly manifest itself. The event will continue to attract high-quality suppliers to participate in this sector.

Covering 70,000 m2 and occupying Pavilion W1, W2, W3, N1, N2, and NT3-NT4 in Shanghai New International Expo Center, it is expected to engage 700 exhibitors. At present, over 90% of its booths have been ordered. Relying upon huge advantages of 2015 HOTELEX Shanghai, it gathered numerous well-known exhibitors, such as Fabbri, Carpigiani, Twinings, Taylor, Nestle, Extra, Aokun, Yili, MEC3, CLABO, Kingdom, ELENKA, SCOTSMAN, Kolb, Middleby, Sinmag, Deba, Baker's Kingdom, Unitech, Zhiming, Chuanglv, Rainbow, Hongtai, Coresun and other well-known enterprises and brands in the HOTELEX & Expo FineFood Shanghai 2016. We are looking forward to seeing you there.


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