Mondial Des Arts Sucres

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In 2016, Sunkea participated in Mondial Des Arts Sucres, the world's largest pastry competition to showcase our high quality eco-friendly food packaging, receiving overwhelming positive response. Pastry tickles your taste buds, and bring joy to every bite. Whether you are at work or on the trip, ordering an apple tart, a slice of pie or a croissant can energize your day, and nice food packaging could give you a fresh look when you receive the order. Packaging can change your life. Sunkea is the expert in this field.


Founded in 2005, Sunkea is a Chinese paper food packaging factory that is dedicated to bringing a safe and innovative takeout experience to global food lovers. We manufacture a wide range of products, including paper drink cups and paper bowls, burger boxes, salad boxes, paper bags, and ice cream tubs. After years of efforts, we have build good relationship with global food packaging distributors and wholesalers.

At Sunkea, we prioritize product quality and safety. Our products meet FSC, BRC and ISO22000 standards and pass SGS food contact tests that meet FDA and EU standards. Moreover, we are open to customers’ feedback and can customize food packaging according to their needs. So, if you run a coffee shop, bakery, or ice cream factory, why not make your customers remember your delicious meals and pastries with unique custom-printed food packaging?


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 e Building #6, No.1366 Qixin Road,Minhang District, Shanghai, Cha
  0086-21-5488 3608 


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Sunkea packaging was established in Shanghai,China in 2005
and is now a multinational company engaged in the manufacturing,  distribution of a wide variety of food paper packaging items

Building #6, No.1366 Qixin Road,
Minhang District, Shanghai,  China
Tel: 0086-21-5488 3608
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