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Mondial Des Arts Sucres

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Mondial Des Arts Sucres ,the world's biggest pastry competition that discover every 2 years the new worldwide talents !

Pastry masters from all over the world gather here to challenge the peak of taste buds.1


Pastry makes us feel happy and heals our lives. Whether we are working or traveling, we all hope to be accompanied by pastry , and the packaging solutions for carrying food with us are changing with each passing day. But while it is convenient, we must pay more attention to the safety of food packaging.

Sunkea, was founded in 2005, has been focusing on food packaging. We hope to bring an innovative and safe food take away experience to the global food lovers. As a paper food packaging factory from China,we produce paper cup, paper bowl, burger box, cake box, paper bag, ice cream cup and so on,we are also looking for food packaging distributor and wholesaler from all over world

Sunkea own FSC/BRC/ISO22000 to make sure the food packaging with high quality and safety. All our products with SGS food contact test report by FDA/EU standard.

We always listen to the voice from customers, we can customize food packaging that you want.
If you are running a coffee shop, bakery, ice cream factory,make your customers remember your delicious meals/pastry with unique custom printed food packaging.


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