The First Livestreaming in 2023 about Food Packaging Products

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24 February, Sunkea’s foreign trade team organized the first live stream in 2023 on mainstream platforms. In this live stream, our two hosts, Cathy and Amanda introduced three hot-selling items, salad bowls, ice cream cups, and tubs as well as Sushi trays in detail. Gaining rich experience in the domestic e-commerce market, Sunkea will continue to explore international markets. With the efforts of all members of Sunkea, live stream viewers increased by 100%. Despite having two hundred viewers, Cathy and Amanda promoted products with enthusiasm. In the real-time rolling comments, two hosts answered the questions raised by fans over all the globe, including minimum order quantity (MOQ) and free sample.Click the picture below to watch the highlightsfood packaging livestreaming
Cathy and Amanda,two hosts from Sunkea, promotes paper food packaging via livestream in Shanghai China, on February 24.

These three products are made from bio-degradable and recyclable materials such as kraft paper, bamboo fiber, and white cardboard, and lined with a PLA or PE lining. They are the ideal replacement for plastic food containers, not merely because the source materials are environmental-friendly and convenient for any occasion, but also custom printed to suit customers’ preferences. Besides, customers can also customize the size of products



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