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PLA lined paper packaging products;
100% Biodegradable and Eco-friendly
Be inspired by examples of how Sunkea can work with you to showcase your brand through either Custom Print or Stock Range packaging items.

Eco-friendly Kraft Paper Soup Tub

  • 8oz 12oz 16oz 20oz 26oz 32oz

  • Kraft

  • Heavy-duty / Eco-friendly / Food-grade paper

  • FSC / FDA / ISO22000

  • Soup / Noodle / Chowder / Wonton / Porridge / Stew

Tub Model:
Lid Model:
Mark Reference:
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Product Description

Eco-friendly Kraft Paper Soup Tub 

DescriptionModelDimensions (cm)
Paper soup tub8oz97.56.1
  • Matching lids are available in 9 / 9.7 / 11.6 cm. 

Looking for paper soup tubs for your restaurant, food stall, or convenience store? Sunkea gives you the answer! We provide flexible packaging solutions to meet your specific needs. Our disposable paper soup tubs are made from food-grade kraft paper, white paperboard, and bamboo fiber that are safe to use. The extra thick paper materials make soup tubs sturdy and durable. Water-repellent and grease-proof coatings inside soup tubs can prevent condensation from softening paper walls, causing them to lose rigidity. Sunkea also produces 100% biodegradable PLA lining as a more environmentally-friendly alternative. 

Soup tubs are perfect for serving hot and cold food such as soups, porridge, stews, noodles, fried rice, etc. To avoid leakage and mess in delivery, Sunkea manufactures flat paper lids that offer a tight fit to rolled rims to protect your meals. We recommend you choose paper vented lids for hot food, especially for soups and noodles, because the misaligned design for vented holes (two on lids and four on inner paper) allows steam out of containers and avoids spilling problems. The feature of Sunkea is that our service goes beyond manufacturing paper containers. We offer customized graphic design and printing services to fit your unique products. You can print on tub body and paper lids to promote your brand identity.

  • Q What is the minimum order quantity ?

    A Our minimum order quantity is 30000 - 50000 pieces per each item.
  • Q Can you print our own logo on the product?

    A Yes, of course. We can print your logo on nearly all products.
  • Q Can you customize our own size of your products?

    We can customize sizes of paper boxes & paper bags. Sizes of paper cups and plastic cups can't be customized.

  • Q How can I get free samples ?

    A Samples of most products are free. Shipping cost will be paid by the buyer.
  • Q How can I get the prices?

    Please send your inquiry to info@sunkea.com , dedicated sales will contact with you ASAP.
  • Q How is the printing effect of products, how much is the sample fee, and how long is the delivery time?

    A We can send you some sample with printing to check.  Yes, can make sample with our logo, the cost should depends on the item and designs. Normally taks 7-10 working days to make sample.
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