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Sunkea innovates and develops straw source pulp products.

To reduce haze, deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the outstanding problems in the field of source and environment, we provide the industrialization engineering scheme.

Sunkea's straw natural color pulp developed with straw cellulose is unbleached and free of dioxin. Its safety and health indicators have reached the food grade standards of the United States and the European Union.

Its strength index is comparable to that of hardwood pulp. A series of paper products such as food packaging were developed. At present, the products are widely recognized by the market due to their distinctive environmental protection and health characteristics, and are sold well in China and abroad.

Made of 100% straw fiber which is waterproof

Oil-proof, high-temperature resistant, environmentally 
friendly, natural and can be quickly compostable. It is a good substitute for plastic products and foam tableware.


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