Do you know about paper cups?

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What is single paper cup?

Single wall cup is basic type of paper cup with single layer paper. Due to different functions, cup coating are divided into single coated and double coated. The single one is coated inside, and this kind of paper cup for hot drinking such as coffee, milk, chocolate, etc. Coffee shop usually use cup sleeve to hold the paper cup. The double coated means both inside and outside with coating, so the surface material is shiny, this cup is for cold drinks such as Cola, ice water, lemonades, etc. Sunkea provides 3 kinds of materials for you to choose: white cardboard, kraft paper and bamboo fibre. You can choose the material based on your needs. PS: Since cold drinks will form water droplets on the outside surface of the paper cup, the double coated single wall cup will be a better choice.

What is double wall paper cup? 

Double wall cup is designed based on the single wall cup, adding one more paper layer on the single wall cup. For double wall paper cup, you don't need to use a cup sleeve. All double wall cups has a coating inside. Three kinds of materials are available for your  choose: white cardboard, kraft paper and bamboo fibre. Since both kraft paper and bamboo fibre cups have matt finish outside, images or patterns printed on the surface are not as shiny as they are printed on the coated finish. For white paper cups, there are two kinds of surfaces, the matt surface and glossy surface, you can choose the material according to your needs. The glossy white double wall cup can be used for cold drinks if need. The rest of cups are for hot drinks.


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