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Disposable bamboo fiber coffee paper cup

Bamboo fiber paper cup
  • 4oz 8oz 12oz 16oz 20oz 24oz
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Disposable bamboo fiber coffee paper cup


Size Dimensions (cm) Package
Top Bottom High Pcs/bag Bags/ctn Pcs/ctn
4oz 6.2 4.6 6.0 50 20 1000
8oz 8.0 5.6 9.2 25 20 500
10oz 9.0 5.8 9.9 25 20 500
12oz 9.0 5.9 11.0 25 20 500
16oz 9.0 6.1 13.5 25 20 500
20oz 9.0 6.0 15.8 25 20 500
24oz 9.0 6.0 18.3 50 20 1000

Coffee Paper Cup: Theextensive range of Coffee Paper Cups that we offer is extensively used in coffee

shops and coffee houses. These cups can also be used for tea. Our range of coffee paper cups come in

pleasing designs and logo print, which make them highly desirable among our clients.


Our standard hot cups are offered in a variety of sizes to suit multiple drink types, from a 4oz espresso
to a 24oz large coffee. Standard hot cups can be custom printed so consumers can carry your
logo with them on the go. This product line is also available in several stock designs.

  • Q Can you print our own logo on the product?

    A Yes, of course. We can print your logo on nearly all products.
  • Q Can you customize our own size of your products?

    We can customize sizes of paper boxes, paper bags, and paper napkins. Sizes of paper cups and plastic cups can't be customized.
  • Q What is the template cost?

    When we print the products with custom logo, we will need to make a new printing template by customer's design. 

  • Q How can I get free samples ?

    A Samples of most products are free. Shipping cost will be paid by the buyer.
  • Q What is the minimum order quantity ?

    A Our minimum order quantity is 30000 - 50000 pieces per each item.

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